Onduno - South African Oryx / Gemsbok - Oryx gazella

Onduno is a South African Oryx or Gemsbok, a large antelope species that lives in the Namibian deserts. Onduno means Oryx in the Otjiherero language. The Gemsbok is depicted on the coat of arms of Namibia.

The South Africa Oryx is light taupe in colour with a distinct black and white coloured pattern on the flanks and face. On the back they have a long black stripe ending in a long and black tail. They stand about 1.2 m tall at the shoulder and can be 2.4 m in length. Male Gemsboks can weigh up to 240 kg. Their spectacular horns are up to 85 cm in length. 


A herd of South African Oryx consists of about 10 - 40 animals. There is one dominant male, some nondominant males and females.


They live in deserts and live from either grazing grass or browsing from bushes and shrubs. They do not depend on drinking water but can take all of their fluids from food such as grass, roots, tubers and wild tsama melons and cucumbers.