Ruben Fijn

Ruben (1981) is an experienced seabird ecologist and project manager currently working for Bureau Waardenburg (NLD). His main professional research focus is on the foraging ecology of Sandwich Terns in the North Sea, including tracking with GPS loggers and colourrings. Furthermore, he has led various projects related to terns in the Netherlands such as tracking Arctic and Black Terns on migration, and diets studies and tracking Common Terns with VHF transmitters. He is also the project manager for the national aerial seabird and marine mammal monitoring scheme (Rijkswaterstaat CIV – MWTL program).


One of his personal passions is (the birdlife of) Southern African and in particular Southern Ocean seabirds. He visited Southern Africa seven times in recent years, ranging from shorter holidays to longer research visits. Ruben will be mainly responsible for project management, including project financing. He will travel to Namibia during the project to be part of the fieldwork team during some of the surveys and part of the outreach team during the initiation phase. He will take the lead during reporting and will be involved in the supervision of (local) students during fieldwork and reporting.