Tuyakula - Tractrac Chat - Emarginata tractrac

Tuyakula the Tractrac Chat is is a small bird from the Flycatcher family. His name means ‘Please assist us’ in Oshiwambo language. 

There are 5 subspecies of Tractrac Chat that all breed in their seperate areas within the breeding range from southern Angola, western Namibia and western South Africa. It breeds in dunes, gravel plains and in desert scrub.


The Tractrac Chat is a small (15 cm, 20 g), variably coloured bird with dark legs. The tail is contrastingly coloured whith with an interverted 'T' at the tip. The Namib form is especially pale- coloured. Male and female are very similar. 


Remarkable for small passerines, Tractrac Chats mate for life and pairs inhabit a territory throughout the year. They are ground-nesting birds that lay two or three red eggs in a small scraped nest lined with straws under a shrub. Insects such as beetles, butterflies and locusts are their main food.